What kind of chiropractic techniques does Dr. Thistle practice?

Dr. Thistle uses a combination of techniques that he has learned over the years. Pierce Technique, NUCCA upper cervical and Thompson Drop Table are what he primarily uses. A patient is nearly always on their stomach or back during an adjustment and there is no twisting of the body or neck and head.

What does “Sports Clinic” mean – do I have to be an athlete to be seen?

Absolutely not. Dr. Thistle treats newborns up through triple digits. “Sports Clinic” means that Dr. Thistle has a passion for treating athletes of all levels and he has found that his postgraduate Sports Medicine education is applicable to everyone — whether you’re wanting to be able to walk 1 mile or you’re an elite athlete.

Will I get treated at my first visit?

First visit treatment is determined on a case by case basis. Some patients will receive treatment on their first visit but if Dr. Thistle needs more time for X-ray analysis or to consider other factors, treatment will begin on the second visit.

Will I need X-rays?

Dr. Thistle will take digital X-rays on most new patients. X-rays provide the roadmap for treatment, since you cannot know for certain the condition of the spine unless you actually see it. Seeing the problem provides certainty in treatment – otherwise, you’re just guessing.


I am an out-of-network provider for all insurance companies. I answer only to my patients (and my wife) and not to insurance companies. Eliminating insurance contracts allows me to remove a layer of bureaucracy and devote myself 100% to the patient. It also means that I do not have the need for a Billing Department and therefore, can keep my fees lower.

How it works:  For those wishing to use any out-of-network insurance benefits, a form will be provided after every visit that either you may send in to your insurance company or we are happy to mail it for you (and we’ll even cover postage!). Your insurance company will then process the claim and reimburse you directly, usually within 2-3 weeks. Typically, an insurance company will reimburse a patient-submitted claim faster and at a higher amount than a provider-submitted claim.

Questions? Feel free to email Dr. Thistle!

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