Kind Words

“I started seeing Dr. Thistle when I had knee surgery 3 years ago. Dr. Thistle worked along with my PT doctor to rehab my knee. I greatly appreciate his knowledge as not only a Doctor but also an athlete.  He that knows the importance of exercise and rehabilitation after surgery.” — Rebecca K. – Newberg, Oregon

“I have been using Todd Thistle’s services for years. He has helped me get out of pain and has encouraged me to do exercises to strengthen my neck so I don’t have to come to him all the time.  Now that is a great Doctor.  He cares about his patients health.  He is very knowledgeable about his practice and is gentle and effective.  I really would be in constant pain if it wasn’t for Dr. Thistle’s ability to see my issues and fix them.  He always makes it easy to come in and see him and I never have to wait in his office.  He is an on time kind of guy.” Loma S. – West Linn, Oregon

“For six months, I suffered with phantom knee and leg pain.  Various medical doctors, physical exams and x-rays couldn’t diagnose the problem. My naturopathic doctor referred me to Dr. Thistle.  In our first visit, Dr. Thistle noted my legs differed in length and this difference had caused a tilted pelvis and a curved spine.  I took this new info to my PCP who then ordered an MRI.  The MRI confirmed a spinal disk pressing on a nerve, likely causing the leg pain.  A surgeon recommend an invasive procedure but I opted to work with Dr. Thistle and a physical therapist he recommended. I also opted for custom orthotics which incorporate a lift to even out my leg length. As a result, I have avoided surgery and my pain is well managed without medication. I am now a regular patient and have even brought family members to work with Dr. Thistle. He is a highly recommended practitioner.” Bob C. – Portland, Oregon

“When I initially went to Dr. Thistle I suffered from frequent headaches and constant joint pain.  I went to my first appointment with a somewhat defeated attitude because nothing had helped me feel better in the past.  Dr. Thistle didn’t try to sell me the moon, but said he thought he could help me feel better.  He did just that.  I have fewer headaches, less joint pain, and a practitioner I can trust.  He has a warm and approachable bedside manner, genuinely cares for his patients, and treats the whole person.  His healthcare knowledge extends far beyond chiropractic care (nutrition, fitness, etc.).  I leave his office not only feeling better physically, but also emotionally.” — Jill M. – Tualatin, Oregon

“I was referred to Dr Thistle by my friend. He told me how talented and gentle Dr. Thistle is.  I have been seeing him for many years now and  I wholeheartedly agree. Dr. Thistle is a great chiropractor, and more than that he is patient, a good listener and he has an intuitive sense of where the problems are and how to heal them.  I recommend him without reservation.  His office runs smoothly too and you will be seen at your appointment time.” — Alexis H., Portland, Oregon

.  .  .  .  .

“One man may hit the mark, another blunder; but heed not these distinctions. Only from the alliance of the one, working with and through the other, are great things born.” 

– Antoine de Sainte-Exupery –