Dr. Todd Thistle, DC, CCSP
Dr. Thistle has adopted a “more is more” approach when it comes to chiropractic techniques – learning more techniques means being able to offer more options based on an individual patient’s needs. Over the years, Dr. Thistle has selected what he believes are the best aspects of various techniques and incorporated those into his unique treatment style. Yes, he also treats extremities (knees, shoulders, wrists, ankles, etc.) which can, in fact, cause many spinal issues.

Nearly all adjustments are performed with the patient lying comfortably on their stomach or back on a mechanical drop table and do not involve any twisting. The drops in the table are individually powered by air and it is those drops that provide the force for the adjustment with Dr. Thistle providing the direction and the specificity. The result is an incredibly precise and gentle adjustment that does not involve any twisting of your body or your neck. It is the specificity of this technique that produces long-term changes to the spine, allowing the patient to actually create new, healthier and more functional musculoskeletal movement patterns.

When your body moves better, you feel better and when you feel better, you’re happier and when you’re happier, Life is a whole lot sunnier. Move » Happy


It is our belief here that you cannot fully make permanent changes to the musculoskeletal system without addressing both the Structure (bones, joints) AND the Soft Tissue (muscles, ligaments, fascia). Luckily for our patients, we have an expert team that can do just that – really, really well.

Productive. Immediate. Game changing. Just a few words that we hear when patients describe the Soft Tissue therapy that they receive at the clinic. We offer various techniques, based on the needs of the patient:


Chaz Snedicor, LMT
This is the real deal – not a relaxing, on-the-beach type massage but a massage that, when it’s finished, you’ll say something like “Oh, wow. I feel different.” Our therapist is an expert at not just creating healthier and happier muscles but also at diagnosing patterns in the body. This is important because understanding how the body is functioning as a whole, allows for more effective treatment of its individual parts. The result is a body that doesn’t fight with itself but instead works in concert.


Dr. Todd Thistle, DC, CCSP
When soft tissue becomes injured, the fibers do not heal in the same position or with the same flexibility that they were pre-injury. The tissue will become dense, hard, tight, weak, irregular, inflammatory and painful.

IASTM therapy, based on a traditional Chinese technique called Gua Sha, uses a stainless steel instrument, which allows the practitioner to feel and then immediately address the injured tissue. Many times, when other therapies have been unsuccessful, a few sessions of IASTM is what is needed to break up that previously injured tissue and allow it to heal healthier and more functional.


Dr. Todd Thistle, DC, CCSP
Have you ever wished for your Chiropractor to also be your Personal Trainer, Rehab Specialist and overall Functional Movement Guru? You’ve come to the right place. In his pre-Chiropractic life, Dr. Thistle was a Certified Personal Trainer and feels very strongly that every musculoskeletal condition requires muscle re-patterning, if it is going to be fixed for the long term. What is muscle re-patterning? Weak become strong, tight become flexible, overworked learn to relax and underworked get woken up – in other words, Symmetry is produced. See Neuroplasticity at the end of this section for a more in-depth explanation.

Dr. Thistle understands unique individuality when it comes to exercise – that is why he has never used the same exercise and rehabilitation program for two people. Before anything else happens, you and Dr. Thistle will have a thorough discussion concerning your goals, your motivations, your abilities and your level of commitment. Want to run your first 5K? Work all day without pain and stiffness? Pick up your grandchildren without low back pain? Finish your first Ironman Triathlon? Play 18 holes without using a cart? All valid and equally important goals. 

All programs are designed to require little to no equipment that can also be performed at home or at a gym. The frequency with which you actually exercise with Dr. Thistle is based on many factors and can be determined after the initial visit.


In short, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself to compensate for new situations or changes in environment. Why is this important? Because the brain builds and destroys nerve connections, based on what you do to your body. If you work on your balance, your balance will improve. If you sit all day, your spine will look like a “C” instead of an “S”. YOU are the biggest determining factor in how you feel and Dr. Thistle would like nothing more than to help you harness the amazing potential of your body – it is truly a miraculous design!

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“A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what a ship was built for.” 

– William H. Shedd –